Friday, 17 July 2009


Unless you haven't noticed, this site is done. We're back in Australia. For more Alice please see the new blog:

And Juliet will be in there too, as soon as she's cute, probably in about six more months.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Maximum the Hormone

This music video is complete in all the ways that I wish it to be. Don't watch this unless you want to see people vomiting up their own intestines. Bikini Sports Ponchin by Maximum the Hormone.


Sad in Shibuya.

Arrr! Thar be no toys left after all this packing.

Horse Arse

There is no explanation for this. "Come to our bar if you like the rear ends of horses."


We went out to dinner with Toshikatsu, Kiriko and her husband for a bit of a Japanese farewell. The restaurant was an Australian themed one. We ate kangaroo, crocodile and steak.

Bye, bye.


Alice's box cubby house.

It's actually quite easy to pack because all our stuff is only in two rooms. We still have about 13 boxes though. A lot of it is heavy coats, books and toys. I've been laying away the Japanese learning materials for my bookshelves at home; books, dvds and nintendo games. Stuff is so cheap at the second hand book stores that I feel obliged to acquire some.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Bek's Birthday

We went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi to have Bek's birthday. Here she is opening some lovely presents. As you can see, Alice is missing everything by being asleep.

The candles were really hard to light. They were shaped into the letters in 'Happy Birthday'.

Alice and Ema are trying to escape the adults. Okay, so it's just Alice.

Here's everyone at the table except me, and Alice is sleeping next to Bek.

The cake. It was a chocolate mousse cake.

Alice Looks Like This Now


I just thought this an appropriate name for a clothes 'boutique'.

This bugs me.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Mountain Song

Please don't watch this unless you want to hear it another ten thousand times in the back of your brain for about a month or two. It's not Jane's Addiction obviously. It's from a movie directed by Katsuhito Ishii, 茶の味 (The Taste of Tea). The colour brown in Japanese is literally 'tea colour', 茶色, (ちゃいろ).

Audio Crack

Konnichipa is, apparently, this lass' cute way to say konnichiwa, which means 'good day'. It's really instructive in either how annoying or how mesmerising you find it. I take no responsibility for any ear worms you acquire (from the German 'ohrwurm'). The tune sounds a bit German actually, like crazed polka music.

I have so many of these weird videos saved. I promised Bek it wouldn't only be her who suffered them.

Galaxy - Rip Slyme

Mad finger play.

Winding Down

Well, unless you haven't noticed I haven't really written anything here in a long time. Japan is kind of normal now, for me. In fact I've lived longer in this apartment than in my house in Botany. I've kind of forgotten anything but my daily Japanese routine. All my neighbour hood knowledge is about where to get cheap apples, which are the closest supermarkets, and the things I need to buy from the three of them because I can't find everything in one store. Indeed they are not very super.

We're heading back on December the 13th. The tickets are booked but it's getting iffy with the company, pay-wise and expense-wise, lately. They haven't managed to pay for our apartment for this month, for example. Luckily we won't be kicked out on the street because we have a cute, helpless daughter.

This blog was for any interested parties to peruse, but mainly so I can remember my trip in the future. I'll probably only post Japanese videos from now on, or a few pics here and there.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Face Guy

This man has attached electrodes to his face which make his muscles twitch in time to the music.

Stupid Tug of War